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mardi 19 décembre 2017

Nice link with time function

mercredi 13 septembre 2017

Remove from boot Linux

update-rc.d -f mongodb remove

mardi 2 mai 2017

Add Address to IPTABLE DROP

Block a region. Usefull for China.
iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

Add Address to IPTABLE DROP

Block a region. Usefull for China.
iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

samedi 6 février 2016


List inodes of mounted device
df -i
List inodes for directory
ls -id
find / -xdev -printf '%h\n' | sort | uniq -c | sort -k 1 -n

mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Hardware monitoring

Install this tool ipmitool few command Print system event log
ipmitool sel list

lundi 23 novembre 2015


Some tips on logrotate

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mercredi 27 mai 2015

Network Config + Proxy : Fast Facts

Some quick reminder of file to modify

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mercredi 14 janvier 2015

Mail : interesting short cut

list mail queue
mailq  | tail -1 | awk '{print $5}'
See detail of queue
Flush mail queue
postfix -f
Flush defered mail queue
postsuper -d ALL deferred

dimanche 11 mai 2014


Copy/Paste of this URL, in case of this page will be removed. Link

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mercredi 19 février 2014

Open Port Process : reminder

sudo lsof -i
sudo netstat -lptu
sudo netstat -tulpn

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Discover Ubuntu version on your server

Short command line to check your Ubuntu version

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lundi 22 août 2011

Remove file older than *

This small command allow you to remove files based on time.

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samedi 5 décembre 2009


This is a small tutorial to configure and securise an SFTP server based on OpenSSH

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mercredi 14 octobre 2009

PHP CodeSniffer into Eclipse


This small article details the installation of CodeSniffer into Eclipse as an external tool, and run your test directly in your favorite IDE.

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